Week in the life of the Coast Guard 2015: Monday

For the past 225 years the Coast Guard has safeguarded our nation’s maritime interests, providing a 24/7 presence along America’s rivers, ports, coastline and on the high seas. But while the Coast Guard’s presence and impact is regional, national and international, our operations are often out of sight.

Video of the Year contest

Day 7: Coast Guard Video of the Year

Our seventh video features Coast Guard Air Station Houston rescuing a man who was stranded and clinging to a piling near Rollover Pass, Texas. Petty Officer 2nd Class Brad Pigage, the rescue swimmer and aviation survival technician who was lowered into the water to free the fisherman tangled in fishing line, narrates the video. Click on the post to watch the video and find out how to cast your vote for your favorite…

Guardian of the Week – LCDR John F. Barresi

It takes vision to conceive of a project, but it takes perseverance, skill and hard work to bring it to completion. LCDR John F. Barresi was named the 2010 Coast Guard Engineer of the Year for successfully combining these traits in […]

itCG-New York commissioning, Pacifica rescue, sinking, helicopter crash, capsized vessel

   A rescue helicopter crew from Air Station San Francisco hoisted a 55-year-old man with a hand injury from a merchant ship 35 miles West of Pacifica, CA, Nov. 2, 2009. Once hoisted from the 600-foot Liberian-flagged container ship, the […]