itCG – Navy rescues sailor, ice fishing safety, grounded trawler freed

Mere hours after the U.S.S. Eisenhower left Virginia for a deployment in the Indian Ocean this weekend, the Navy aircraft carrier switched course to come to the aid of a sailor in distress. Guardians determined that the Eisenhower was the […]

itCG – search suspended, 3 men and a dog rescued, Iraq duty

The search for a passenger seen jumping off a cruise ship near the Bahamas on New Year’s Eve was suspended yesterday. The search as suspended after multiple air and sea assets searched 3,725 square miles for the 23-year-old woman. Story […]

itCG-a swimmers warning, CG station recognized, Make A Wish, the barge is free

A second death occurred on Lake Erie late Thursday night. This story is another strong and serious reminder of the importance of knowing the water conditions before swimming, of wearing a life jacket, and of never swimming alone. Story here […]