A boater’s holiday list

Finding gifts can sometimes be a hassle, but Compass is here to help you make the most out of your holiday shopping. Why not embrace the spirit of giving and turn your holiday gift into something that makes your loved […]

Take the SEARCH out of SAR

Did you know that your VHF marine radio is likely equipped with a technology called DSC, or digital selective calling, that can help rescuers take the “search” out of search and rescue? Ever wonder how that red “distress” button on […]

Coast Guard intends to terminate Loran-C next month

At 2000 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) – or 3pm east coast time – on February 8, the U.S. Coast Guard will cease transmission of the United States Loran-C signal and will commence a phased decommissioning of the infrastructure that has […]

itCG – Guardian rescued, VADM Crea honored, holiday gift guide

Earlier this week, we highlighted Guardians training to rescue one of their own off the coast of Savannah. On Wednesday, Air Station Sitka hoisted a petty officer who was separated from his hunting party in the Alaskan wilderness. Senior officers […]

Then and Now Part 3: Shedding Light on Navigation

Post written by LTJG Ryan T. White Let’s go back in time once more; further back than we’ve ever gone before, to a time before the U.S. Life Saving Service; back even before the U.S. Revenue Cutter Service. It’s August […]