Giving thanks – Chief Henry R. Roesing Sr.

At 76 years old today, I’m again reminded of my father, Henry Roy Roesing Sr., who almost made it to 69 years old. He was a colorful character. I heard his hair-raising sea stories, it seems, from before I could walk. They were often so wild and vivid I thought my active duty started before my teens. I never dared ask him, but I sometimes wondered, “Could this have really happened?”

Giving thanks – CWO Richard MacNair

Do I know of a Coast Guardsman who has touched my life? I don’t have to look any further than my parent’s front door. The Coast Guardsman who has touched my life is Chief Warrant Officer Richard Stanley MacNair, the man I am proud to call “father.” My father enlisted in the Coast Guard right out of high school in 1961 and retired in 1987.

Giving thanks – Master Chief Roccie Mancuso

It was May 15, 1980, when my family and I were crammed along with 30 other people in a 10-person boat destined for the U.S. Within a few hours of our journey we found ourselves in the middle of a storm. It was dark and waves punched the boat left and right. Soon many of us were sick to our stomachs.


Giving thanks – LCDR James McCown

Through the Thanksgiving holiday, many Americans look forward to reuniting with family, watching football and of course feasting on turkey and pumpkin pie. But, Thanksgiving is more than good food and good games. It is a time to reflect on […]