Paratus Report: May 2018, Episode 1

The newest episode of the Paratus Report is out! In this episode, we’ll discuss moving your household goods and a new risk management policy that may affect you.

STAN 2.0: Scoring system explained

Where the old system focused on getting the most points, STAN 2.0 emphasizes getting the least. A perfect score would be zero, representing no percieved operational risk, however there are no minimum scores required. The score is solely for consideration by operational commanders when determining the level of risk to operational readiness at each unit under their command.

STAN 2.0: Risk-based methodology

During the beta-test phase of STAN 2.0, one of the test station’s commanding officers, Lt. Scott Farr, stated, “[STAN 2.0] is easy to understand. Everyone understands GAR colors … [it] should allow operational commanders to have a better idea of where the holes in their programs are and help focus more on areas of concern.”

STAN 2.0: New Boat Forces standardization policy

This post is the first in a four-part series that will explain the new Boat Forces standardization, called STAN, assessment standards. On Sept. 19, the Office of Boat Forces announced the implementation of the new STAN framework and provided policy updates to the Boat Forces manual.