The Long Blue Line: Coast Guard’s distinguished aviation amphibian Arcturus

In the early 1930s, Coast Guard Commandant Frederick Billard decided to acquire state-of-the-art flying boats capable of performing rescues by landing on the open sea. The first aircraft designed from the start for Coast Guard use, these new amphibians became known as the Coast Guard’s “FLBs” or Flying Life Boats. These platforms helped shaped the history of Coast Guard aviation.


Heroes remembered: Crew of CG-238

The crew of CG-238 was one of many tasked with operations during “The Rum War” – the period extending from the mid-1920s to the early 1930s. These crews were part of an effort that included many law enforcement agencies charged with the suppression of illegal liquor traffic during prohibition. Searching for smugglers and their illicit cargo, often in the darkness of night, presented many dangers, including those presented by Mother Nature.