Laser beam

Blinded by the light

Weather conditions, crew responsiveness, incoming hazards and myriad meters, gauges and measurements. These are just a few of the things a pilot has to be wary of when flying an aircraft. A new concern is affecting Coast Guard pilots from Cape Cod, to Hawaii, from Puerto Rico to Seattle. Every air station in the Coast Guard is on the lookout for a simple beam of light.

Laser shining on aircraft

Green lasers halt Coast Guard air searches

The SAR alarm is sounded and a Coast Guard helicopter is launched. As the aircrew arrives on scene, ready to search for the boater who needs their help, a green light enters the cockpit. It’s a green laser being shined from land and its blinding beam forces the pilots to head back to base, unable to finish their search. This life-threatening incident is not a made-up story but something happening to Coast Guard aircrews along our nation’s coasts as they take flight to save lives.

Lt. Cmdr. Pittman

100 Years of Naval Aviation: Why diversity matters in flight

In the late 80s, a series of airline accidents led the Federal Aviation Administration and National Aeronautics and Space Administration to take a hard look at human factors and how interpersonal communication and decision-making could be taught to improve airline safety. What followed was one of the greatest safety advances in aviation – crew resource management.

Recruiting booth

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