Shutter shootout

Shutter Shootout Sweet 16

The Sweet 16 round of March Madness is here! That means we’ve entered the next round of “Shutter Shootout” – your chance to select the Coast Guard photo of the year. Throughout the past year, Coast Guard members, families and fans from around the world captured remarkable photographs of rescues, patrols, operations and training days to take you behind the scenes of life in the U.S. Coast Guard.

Shutter shootout

Shutter Shootout 2nd Round

The votes are in as we move on to the second round of tournament play in “Shutter Shootout” and get closer to selecting the best Coast Guard photo of the year. We scoured the past year’s photos and the ones with the most “likes” on Facebook made the cut. Did your favorite photo make it to the next round? Head over to our Facebook page for voting!

Shutter shootout graphic

Shutter Shootout First Round

March Madness has arrived! With brackets on everyone’s minds, we bring you our own tournament in the form of “Shutter Shootout” – your chance to select the Coast Guard photo of the year. We scoured the past year’s photos and the ones with the most “likes” on Facebook made the cut. Now it’s your turn to decide the best! Will it be a Cinderella story this year?

Top 10 Videos of 2012 premiere

Coast Guard recruits get a sneak peek at the Top 10 Videos of 2012

Some may see Coast Guardsmen jumping out of helicopters, driving boats through breaking surf or firing dangerous weapons as intimidating, or even frightening, but to the more than 200 Coast Guard recruits who got a sneak peek of the Coast Guard’s Top 10 Videos of 2012, the thought of doing these things is motivating. The recruits packed the Ida Lewis Auditorium at Coast Guard Training Center Cape May for the second annual Coast Guard Top 10 Video Premiere at the only enlisted Coast Guard basic training facility in the nation.

Into the surf

High side right

Thanks to all of your votes, the best Coast Guard marching cadence has been selected! Chief Petty Officer Cory Wadley, officer in charge of Coast Guard Station Morro Bay, Calif., wrote the original cadence that was selected as the best. Wadley is one of approximately 160 surfmen in the Coast Guard and serves at one of the 19 designated surf stations in the U.S.

Cliff rescue

Got questions? These rescue swimmers have answers.

We asked our Facebook fans if they could ask a rescue swimmer anything, what would it be? And with more than 200 questions asked, it was clear you were all eager to hear more about the men and women who make up the aviation survival technician rate – more often called rescue swimmers. We picked the top five most “liked” questions and asked two swimmers from the 13th Coast Guard District to help answer them.

Capt. Dan Burbank

Ask an astronaut

When we heard Capt. Dan Burbank – who recently returned from a six-month stint as Expedition 30 commander – would be in the area, we knew we wanted to interview him. But what to ask an astronaut? We turned to our Facebook fans for help and thanks to Erin, Sharon, Edward, Marshall, John and Gwen we had the perfect questions to ask.

CGC Healy – What do mustaches, bingo and darkness have in common?

Answer: crew morale.  Over the past month, we have been keeping you up-to-date on the CGC Healy’s Summer science deployment to the Arctic. One of the posts on July 3, Science on Ice, sparked a conversation on the Coast Guard’s […]

ADM Papp on CG social media

As many of you have likely noticed, the U.S. Coast Guard homepage got a face lift earlier this week in conjunction with the Commandant Change of Command. The decidedly social media look and feel of this latest evolution of our service’s web presence […]

Social Media Links on USCG Homepage

Last night, we officially launched a social media tab on which links to the service’s social media sites.  The tab includes links to the Compass, iCommandant, the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard’s blog and the Department of […]

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