The Liberian-flagged tanker Argo Merchant sinks off the coast of Massachusetts in 1976. U.S. Coast Guard photo.

The Long Blue Line: the Coast Guard’s environmental protection mission

The Coast Guard has been a steward of the nation’s maritime environment for nearly 200 years. It has expanded and adapted its mission to ever-changing natural and man-made threats to the oceans and inland waterways. The service now supports five environmental protection missions.

Coast Guard Cutter Willow

The Arctic region: An emerging maritime frontier

Operating in the Arctic is not a new venture for the Coast Guard. However, adapting to changing conditions will require foresight, focus and clear priorities. It will also require the closest of collaboration with our partners in the State of Alaska. Improving awareness, modernizing governance and broadening partnerships will best position our Service for long-term success by ensuring safe, secure and environmentally responsible maritime activity in the region.

The Arctic and the Coast Guard- Part 2

Last week we started talking about the Coast Guard and the Arctic. This week in part 2 of our discussion I wanted to take the time to talk some more about the CGC Healy, especially with bill H.R. 2865 which […]