Coast Guard Heroes: Oliver F. Berry

Chief Machinist’s Mate Berry became one of the world’s first helicopter maintenance specialists. A distinguished expert mechanic on original Coast Guard aircraft including landplanes and seaplanes as well as helicopters, he was lead instructor at the very first U.S. military helicopter training unit, the Rotary Wing Development Unit…

Norris family

Shipmate of the Week – The Norris Chiefs

The bay was calm as my father, Enginemen 1st Class Harry L. Norris Sr., answered the call to set the special sea detail in May 1961. His newly constructed Coast Guard Point-class patrol boat trailed behind two other patrol boats as they neared the majestic Cape Charles lighthouse. An 8,000-mile, 45-day journey lay ahead for as the crew as they began their journey to the west, via the Panama Canal.


Saving our oceans one turtle at a time

It was an emergency wildlife mission. A bunch of sick, cold Northeast turtles were stuck in Cape Cod trying to swim south and needed a quick lift to Florida. The Coast Guard heeded the call with a C-130J Hercules based out of Elizabeth City, N.C. The 70-pound Loggerhead and the smaller five to 10-pound Kemp’s Ridley turtles are in various stages of recovery from pneumonia and hypothermia. A record stranding of more than 200 sea turtles off the Northeast coast in early winter exceeded the New England Aquarium’s capacity to house the nearly comatose reptiles. Sensing urgency, the NOAA Fisheries Northeast Stranding Network facilitated a request for the emergency flight.

AMT1 Parker

Shipmate of the Week – AMT1 Ryan Parker

20,000 missions is a lot of hours in the sky. And those hours require a lot of maintenance. To ensure each helicopter is ready to take flight, there are few people more valuable to have around Elizabeth City than Petty Officer 1st Class Ryan Parker.

Coast Guard divers participate in NASA training operation

Coast Guard divers in space?

Aquarius, operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, allows aquanauts and astronauts alike to conduct research and simulate mission activities in the water’s low gravity. Diving in an underwater laboratory necessitates a unique expertise. It requires plenty of knowledge about underwater operations and skills held by very few individuals. It was just the kind of job for a Coast Guard diver.

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