First time meeting

A second chance at life

After losing his grandfather to cancer in 2001, Brooklyn, N.Y., native Michael Franco, looked for a greater way in which he could help others. Already a contributor to the annual blood drives at the police academy, Franco learned of becoming a bone marrow donor. This decision would lead Franco to save a woman’s life.


A legacy lives on

Fireman Michael Bovill, 23, died nearly three years ago in an off-duty motorcycle accident while serving at Coast Guard Station Eatons Neck in Eatons Neck, N.Y. At the same time Roxanne Watson, 55, lay in a critical care unit for 78 days awaiting a heart for transplant at Montefiore Hospital in New York City. Bovill’s devotion to saving lives took a new turn as Watson successfully received his heart and became an ardent advocate for organ donor enrollment in New York State.