SN McLaughlin

Shipmate of the Week – SN Darren McLaughlin

“I was doing my job;” the words of Seaman Darren McLaughlin after he spotted four survivors clinging to debris in the water for more than a dozen hours. The rescue mission all started when the Coast Guard received report that a good Samaritan sailing vessel was on scene with a 50-foot fishing vessel which had become engulfed in flames and was partially submerged. The Coast Guard diverted multiple surface and air assets, including the Confidence, to the location to search for any survivors.

DC3 Brammer

There to fix it

Three small parts made one big difference for the crew of GC 109 Orion, a Dominican Republic patrol boat that received the critical components fabricated by a damage controlman aboard U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Oak in Saint Lucia during Tradewinds 2013. The replacement parts were a gift, custom-tailored for Orion by Petty Officer 3rd Class Marilyn A. Brammer, a damage controlman from Atwater, Calif. Brammer called upon nearly four years of training and experience to build these parts – three stainless steel, seawater strainers for Orion’s engine cooling system.

CGC Farallon

Guardian of the Week – LT James O’Mara

Whether in corporate culture or the military, buzzwords are often used to describe the success of an organization. One of these buzzwords is “teamwork,” but for Coast Guard Cutter Farallon, and LT James O’Mara, teamwork isn’t just another word. It’s […]