Shipmate of the Week – MST2 Nicole Emmons

The Coast Guard is unique among America’s military services. As a multi-mission organization responsible for everything from search and rescue, to coastal homeland security, to environmental protection of the nation’s waterways, Coast Guard personnel must be always ready to perform […]

ADM Papp rallies the Coast Guard

Earlier this week, we brought you Admiral Bob Papp’s first hand account of the ongoing Coast Guard role in the Deepwater Horizon Response. Moments ago, Admiral Papp sent an All Hands e-mail to the men and women of the service […]

Stay up to the minute with the Deepwater Horizon Response

Earlier today, the federal government launched a new widget to share the latest information from the Deepwater Horizon Response. The widget includes links to the official Deepwater Horizon Response website, information for volunteers, how to submit a claim, and the […]