War of 1812: Cutters thwart privateering

To best understand the environment in 1812, it’s worth looking at what was happening in our nation’s brown water ports and harbors as well as on the high seas. It’s been said that the War of 1812 was the second phase of the American Revolution.

Flood response

Coast Guard, Army Corps of Engineers continue flood response

As communities along the Mississippi River system continue to be impacted by record high waters, Coast Guard men and women are deployed in support of Federal, state and local agencies throughout the Midwest while the South remains on alert as […]

itCG-pollution response activities, Lake Michigan rescue, international training, DART deployed

A BIG THANKS to everyone who wished the U.S. Coast Guard a Happy Birthday. Here’s to the start of another great year! Guardians are monitoring the cleanup of a combined oil and fuel sheen in the Westport Slough near the […]