Stronger together: Building a better Coast Guard through diversity and inclusion

For many people, June means summer break, barbecues, warmer weather and longer days. All are reasons to celebrate, of course. For others, there’s another reason to celebrate … and to reflect. The LGBT community has so many reasons to celebrate this month. So when you see the rainbow flags waving in the wind, remember those who paved the way toward equality because we are indeed stronger together.

From the Homefront: Why military ID cards matter

“These modern military spouses finally have access to vitally needed benefits that help to ease the challenges of serving our nation. From major benefits like health care and insurance through Tricare, to smaller benefits like access to the commissary and exchanges, life has dramatically improved for these military spouses and their families,” said Stephen Peters, president of the American Military Partner Association.

Repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Beginning today, the policy governing the service of gay and lesbian members – commonly referred to as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” – has been repealed. Now implemented, the repeal allows gay and lesbian Americans to serve openly in the military. […]

Adm. Bob Papp

Adm. Papp: One year and on track

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to see first-hand many areas devastated by Mississippi River flooding. I also got to see Coast Guard men and women in action, engaging their unique skills, authorities and capabilities to protect people who have been impacted by these rising waters. It was reminiscent of last summer when I began my term and we were embroiled in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill cleanup.

Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates. (DoD photo by Monica King, U.S. Army)

Pentagon releases report on Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell

Earlier today, Pentagon officials released the findings of a review of the policy commonly known as “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell” (DADT).  The report, produced by the Department of Defense Comprehensive Review Working Group, examines the implications of a possible repeal of DoD’s policy […]