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The Coast Guard’s first National Security Cutter, Bertholf (WMSL 750), conducted a structural test fire of its missile decoy launching system in the Southern California Operations Area of the Pacific Missile Range Facility. Read about it!

Old Engines

The MKShop website has an old advertisement for an engine that will look very familiar to anyone who has ever been on a 378-foot High Endurance Cutter.  Check it out!

Good blog entry for a mid week chuckle

Here is a pretty funny blog entry about the experience of an ET2 with some “wildlife” while underway on a cutter. Read it here.

Arctic Factoid

Did you know that the CGC Healy was the second non-nuclear ice breaker to make it to the North Pole, but the very first to do it completely unassisted?

The Arctic and the Coast Guard- Part 1

The Arctic has been in the news a lot lately. The Coast Guard isn’t new to missions in the Arctic as you can see if you check out the Coast Guard Historian’s page. The Coast Guard has been conducting operations […]

ItCG-Hurricane season, old cutter museums, and a headline whoops

Hurricane season is here, and it is a busy time for the Coast Guard. Here are two stories about training and preparation in Florida. Story here Story here The Coast Guard is stocking up on LED Marine Lanterns for hurricane […]

The MK Shop posts 378 engine rooms then and now.

The MK Shop has a set of pictures up that are very fitting with yesterdays feature piece about our fleet. Side by side pictures of the engine rooms of a 378, then and now. Take a look here.

An unofficial site for the Machinery Technicians (MKs) out there is really a lot of fun to peruse and pretty informative. It isn’t just for the MKs either, anyone interested in what makes the engines in the Coast Guard run might enjoy this site. Check it out!

In the Coast Guard- June 1, 2009

A 41-foot boat with 27 people onboard that was taking on water about three miles west of the Golden Gate Bridge was assisted by the Coast Guard yesterday. When the Coast Guard got onscene the vessel had some standing water […]

Saturday Image- May 30, 2009

This Saturday’s image is from fleet week and the CGC Sturgeon Bay, home ported in Bayonne, N.J. You can see it here.

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