Service above self: Lt. James “Jimmy” Eugene Crotty

Lt. James Crotty was recently remembered by the U.S. Coast Guard and the Philippine coast guard in a ceremony commemorating his efforts to defend Corregidor, May 9, 2017. While his story is not well known, he is single handedly responsible for the inclusion of the Philippine Defense Battle Streamer adorning the Coast Guard ensign. Lt. James “Jimmy” Eugene Crotty should be remembered for his bravery, his willingness to serve his fellow man and his enduring positivity in the face of defeat, loss and ultimate sacrifice.

The Long Blue Line: Jimmy Crotty and the Battle for Corregidor

Lt. Jimmy Crotty was a hero who’s actions during the Battle for Corregidor singlehandedly earned the Coast Guard the Defense of the Philippines battle streamer. He was posthumously honored with the Bronze Star and Purple Heart nearly 67 years after his death as a prisoner of war at Cabanatuan Prison Camp in 1943.

History – LT Thomas James Eugene Crotty: A Coast Guard Leader, Hero and Prisoner of War

Post Written by By William H. Thiesen, Ph.D. Atlantic Area Historian, United States Coast Guard Near the end of Lieutenant “Jimmy” Crotty’s life, he would call on his innate leadership skills time and again in a desperate struggle against impossible […]