Coast Guard Academy cadets study pieces of history to help solve modern problems

Historical Fact: The Cutters Taney, Kukui and Tiger along with other Coast Guard ships and patrol craft, and the CG-8 all responded to the attack on Pearl Harbor, which led to the United States’ entry into World War II.

Shape the future: CWO Craig Kerby

It’s very rewarding when I get that follow-on phone call or discussion after class, and I can provide service to the students by answering a question or helping them out. It’s great to know that the students trust me to be there for them all the time, not just during class.

Coast Guard RDC, Cutter Healy underway for Arctic Shield 2014

Coast Guard RDC, Cutter Healy underway for Arctic Shield 2014

A team of scientists from the Coast Guard Research and Development Center, New London, Connecticut, is currently underway aboard Coast Guard Cutter Healy for a series of technology evaluations in the Arctic. The team departed Seward, Alaska, August 8 and is currently conducting operations off the North Slope.


‘I knew no other life’

The newest cutter – to be commissioned this weekend – is named in honor of the keeper of Black Rock Harbor Light, Kathleen “Kate” Moore. It was 1817 when Moore first stood the watch. She was 12. While she wasn’t a full keeper of the light at the time, her father tended the light after a shipboard injury prevented him from going to sea. As Moore grew older, and her father’s health worsened, she took on keeper duties, although she was not officially appointed as head keeper until 1871.


Leadership on Interstate 95

When the Coast Guard Academy hockey players boarded the bus after a game against the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, N.Y., the thought never crossed their minds that their lives were about to flash before their eyes. The events that would unfold were some they’d only seen in the movies.

Learn by teaching

When 27 Coast Guard Academy cadets arrived at Martinez Magnet School in New Haven, Conn., recently, they had their Junior Achievement briefcases in hand and were ready to teach their young audience about finance, the importance of education and the Coast Guard. The students, ranging from kindergarten to eighth grade, took a day away from the textbooks to allow the cadets to run through various lessons.

Smart, brave and dedicated: honoring the fallen of Coast Guard Cutter Cuyahoga

On a cool October afternoon in 1978, Coast Guard Cutter Cuyahoga sailed peacefully at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. The cutter hosted a company of eager officer candidates underway for a training cruise. It would prove to be Cuyahoga’s last voyage. While underway on Oct. 20, 1978, the Cuyahoga was struck by a 521-foot coal freighter. The impact was devastating and the Cuyahoga sank within minutes. Eleven men lost their lives.


Cadets unfurl their sails: from the classroom to the seas

Every summer since 1974, 2nd class cadets, or juniors, at the Coast Guard Academy in New London, Conn., are given the opportunity to sail in the Coastal Sail Training Program providing them the chance to get in tune with their environment, hone their seaman’s eyes and understand the consequences of their decisions.


Week in the life of the Coast Guard: Coast Guard Academy

We’ve reached the last day in our Week in the Life of the Coast Guard series. Earlier today we featured the Coast Guard newest recruits and to finish out the series we’re sharing a glimpse into the training of the service’s future officers at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.

R-Day 2013

Every year at the Coast Guard Academy hundreds of new cadets, or swabs, cross the threshold into a new life as members of the United States Coast Guard. This annual occurrence may seem standard and routine, but for each swab, the experience is fraught with soaring highs and soul-searching lows. This life is not for everyone.

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