Newly commissioned Ensigns Jacob Brown and Kurt Caminske pause for a moment following the Coast Guard Academy's 2018 Commencement ceremony at the Academy in New London, Conn., May 23, 2018. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Lauren Laughlin.

Future Leaders: Ensigns Kurt Caminske and Jacob Brown

As regimental commanding officer and executive officer of the Coast Guard Academy Corps of Cadets, newly commissioned Ensigns Kurt Caminske and Jacob Brown know what it takes to lead the future leaders of the Coast Guard. Now, after their senior year and graduation, Caminske and Brown are no longer leaders of the Class of 2018, but ensigns in the Coast Guard headed to their new units. These new officers intend to use what they learned as leaders of the Corps of Cadets to serve the Coast Guard and nation with pride and honor.

Welcome to the fleet Coast Guard Academy Class of 2017

President Donald. J. Trump addressed the Class of 2017 at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut, during the 136th Commencement, May 17, 2017. One hundred ninty-five graduating cadets had the opportunity to listen to a tribute from their commander in chief.

Future Leaders: Sailing into a Commission

Nikole Barnes couldn’t have written a better story for how her time at the Coast Guard Academy turned out. With a little help and guidance, this sailing champ was able to refocus herself and finish strong, a common theme for her time at the Academy.


DHS Secretary Johnson addresses Coast Guard’s newest officers

Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson welcomed the U.S. Coast Guard Academy’s Class of 2014 as the service’s newest complement of officers yesterday. Alongside degrees with majors ranging from humanities to engineering, cadets received commissions in the U.S. Coast Guard to officially begin careers in service to the country’s maritime needs.


1/c Euchler: From the forge to the fleet

Imagine the Coast Guard Academy as a forge and the faculty and staff’s job is to guide the cadet’s development, like a blacksmith’s hammer folding steel. For both the cadets and instructors, it was four years of hard work, perseverance, determined effort and sacrifice. Can you picture these cadets when they first joined the academy, an agglomeration of 18 or more years’ worth of characteristics? Now, can you imagine them after spending four years in the forge that is the academy?


1/c Scalesse: Entering the fleet

As commencement nears at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, first class cadets stand at a significant threshold. Behind them lies four years of demanding academics, competitive athletics, meticulous military training and the friendships forged by these common experiences. Ahead of them lies their first duty station in the fleet, a defining assignment full of expectation and promise. Cadet 1st Class Adam Scalesse will be spending his first tour of duty aboard Coast Guard Cutter Orcas.

Cadet Andre Jones-Butler receiving his new cadet shoulder boards after completing the academy's summer training program in August 2010. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Timothy Tamargo.

1/c Jones-Butler: Taking off for flight school

For first class cadets – seniors at the academy, this time of year brings with it a powerful blend of pride, nostalgia and eagerness to graduate and report to their first duty stations as ensigns in the U.S. Coast Guard. Some graduates report to shore units, others to cutters. A select few receive orders directly to flight school training in Pensacola, Fla. Such is the case with Cadet 1st Class Andre Jones-Butler.


1/c Lukasik: Plotting a different course

As many graduating cadets are gearing up to disperse into the fleet as newly-commissioned ensigns, Cadet 1st Class Jessica Lukasik will embark on a unique journey after commencement. The Fulbright program awards highly-competitive, merit-based grants to top-performing students, enabling them to study and conduct research internationally. Receiving this grant speaks to Lukasik’s character and intellect and reflects well on the academy which has fostered her academic development.

President Obama addresses the Class of 2011

President Obama addresses the Class of 2011

UPDATE: Click here to watch President Barack Obama’s commencement address to the Coast Guard Academy Class of 2011. Today, President Barack Obama welcomed the Coast Guard’s newest officers into the corps, saluting their achievements and inspiring them in service to […]