Check ride

Nerves of keel

For Coast Guardsmen engaged in an active search for people in distress, who may be on the verge of panic, fright or worse, they have to be cool and calm, regardless of the state of seas, the boat or their own mind. Response crews must be ready and capable to take the helm of a Coast Guard boat and pilot it home, even the newest members.

Radio microphone

In the shadows

Hidden behind the scenes of rescues or law enforcement missions are the watchstanders of the U.S. Coast Guard. These are the men and women who few see, but the effects of their dedication and vigilance ripples throughout the maritime community.

Sentinels of the Crescent City

Down in the Louisiana Bayou sits one of the biggest swamps in the country. It’s full of alligators the size of a small automobile and mosquitoes as large as a muffaletta. Unknown to most, the Coast Guard patrols what are known as brown waters, protecting the waterways and educating the public on safe boating practices.