Week in the life of the Coast Guard 2014: Monday

For the past 224 years the Coast Guard has safeguarded our nation’s maritime interests, providing a 24/7 presence along America’s rivers, ports, coastline and on the high seas. But while the Coast Guard’s presence and impact is regional, national and international, our operations are often out of sight.

Chief McChesney

Shipmate of the Week – BMC Jay McChesney

Coast Guard reservists are required to serve one weekend a month and two weeks a year. One New Jersey-based reservist is devoted to saving lives, in and out of military uniform. Chief Petty Officer Jay McChesney, a reservist from Coast Guard Station Manasquan Inlet, N.J., is a qualified coxswain and a registered nurse.


A fireman’s fight

When a Coast Guardsman reports to his first unit, he is introduced to the unknown, to uncertainties and to a new way of life. For Fireman Chris Demaree, a positive attitude is the foundation on which he honed his proficiency in craft. According to his shipmates, that positive attitude remains his defining characteristic despite having been diagnosed with leukemia in May 2013.