Between the Lines: Seamanship and the art of storytelling

Just as Coast Guard history is inconceivable without knots, seamanship is inconceivable without storytelling. In a world of constant innovation, the ancient practice of oral and interactive instruction preserves the human aspect of Coast Guard tradition. For the crew of Station Bodega Bay, storytelling is about more than salty sailors sharing sea stories. It’s about giving context to theory and keeping the Coast Guard legacy of lifesaving alive.

Service in surf and to others: BM1 Nathan Burns

With sure hands on the throttle and helm, and an eye toward the sea and an on their crew, Coast Guard surfmen are considered the service’s most skilled coxswains and members of an elite community. They are boatswain’s mates – each individually numbered – that undertake immense responsibility in training others to operate safely in some of the most dangerous conditions imaginable.