From the Homefront: A part of the Coast Guard family

The producers and crew for the shows Coast Guard Florida, Coast Guard Alaska and Coast Guard Cape Disappointment provides viewers with front-row seats to situations like these. They have unprecedented access to members of the Coast Guard to film their daily lives, whether in the adrenaline rush of search and rescue or law enforcement response, or in the quiet moments at home. For Coast Guard Cape Disappointment series producer Cork Friedman, the experience has been the best of his professional life.

Coast Guard Pacific Northwest will be focus of new Weather Channel series

On Sunday, The Weather Channel will premiere Coast Guard Cape Disappointment – Pacific Northwest, the latest entry in the popular Coast Guard reality franchise that began with Coast Guard Alaska, currently in its fourth season, and includes Coast Guard Florida.

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Coast Guard on the small screen: New series & a season premiere

Tonight “Coast Guard Alaska” is back and there is no shortage of action in our nation’s Last Frontier. The third season will include a daring mission to save 18 souls on an oilrig, the rescue of a hunter trapped in the mountains and features Capt. Melissa Rivera, the first female commanding officer of Air Station Kodiak.

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‘Coast Guard Florida’ premieres!

Following on the success of the first two seasons of “Coast Guard Alaska,” viewers now have a chance to see how Coast Guard men and women operate more than 4,000 miles away in the new series, “Coast Guard Florida.” The new show will follow Coast Guard men and women, both on and off-duty, as they perform missions in the Sunshine State.

Shipmate of the Week – Al Roker

He’s a bestselling author, nine-time Emmy winner, founder of a multimedia company, host of NBC’s Today and perhaps is the best-known weatherman in the world. He’s Al Roker. And despite his tremendous accomplishments we’d like to add one more to […]

Coast Guard Florida coming to a living room near you!

Following on the success of “Coast Guard Alaska,” The Weather Channel and Al Roker Entertainment announced a new docu-series to be called “Coast Guard Florida” earlier today. Scheduled to premiere in October 2012, the show will follow the men and […]