Coast Guard divers aboard Coast Guard Cutter Polar Star assist with Operation Deep Freeze 2016

Deep Freeze 2016: Under the ice

There’s no usual or routine for Operation Deep Freeze. At the bottom of the world, no matter your job, every day can bring a new problem to solve. Now the divers will be able to go home and pass off what they learned to next year’s dive team, who will take on the same mission and a new set of challenges.

Dive in: Coast Guard decompression diving

Last week, Coast Guard Dive Locker West completed decompression dive training off Coast Guard Cutter George Cobb. While this wasn’t the service’s first ever decompression dive training, it was the first official decompression dive made by members of the Coast Guard’s newest rating.

Heading south for the winter

Heading south for the winter: The ultimate Polar plunge

Only a small fraction of the world’s population will ever have the opportunity to visit one of the most remote places on earth. Of that small group, an even smaller contingent actually performs their duties below the frozen surface in support of science that has the potential to benefit the entire planet.