Recipe for success: FS1 Bethany Clark

Many Coast Guardsmen join knowing they want to serve their country but aren’t quite sure how. Not Petty Officer 1st Class Bethany Clark. Clark joined the Coast Guard in 2009 knowing exactly what she wanted to do; she wanted to be a chef. A 2006 graduate of Johnson & Whales University in Providence, R.I., Clark studied culinary nutrition and wanted to take her talents to sea.

Lt. Dufrene

Aloha Coast Guard Cutter Jarvis

After more than 40 years of service to the nation, Coast Guard Cutter Jarvis has retired from active service. Led by their motto, “Dedicated to Excellence,” the ship will leave behind a powerful legacy, shaped by the men and women who have proudly served aboard the 378-foot ship over the last four decades.


Coast Guard Cutter Jarvis: The last cruise

A ship can accomplish anything with a proud crew. The spirit of all ships resides in the hearts of the crew, no matter where they go. With this in mind, we decided to focus on what we will be keeping with us instead of what we will be losing. Soon we will be leaving Jarvis behind for another ship, the Morgenthau. Yet, we will remain the same capable, hard charging crew.

A 12-year journey home

Located 430 miles south of Guam in the Western Pacific Ocean, is a small, coral atoll made up of 22 islands called Woleai. Part of the Federated States of Micronesia, the atoll’s inhabitants are isolated from the rest of the […]

2010 Photo Contest

People’s Choice – Photo Contest, Round 3

We are entering week three of the People’s Choice award for this year’s Coast Guard Photo Contest. Every Monday, we are unveiling another batch of photos as we count down the top 40 of the more than 600 photos submitted. […]

2010 Photo Contest

People’s Choice – Photo Contest, Round 2

Last week we announced the People’s Choice award for this year’s Coast Guard Photo Contest and posted the first set of photos for your consideration. Every Monday for eight weeks, we will unveil another batch of photos as we count down […]

BM2 D'Amico

Guardian of the Week – BM2 Joseph D’Amico

With a history dating back to 1847, Coast Guard Cutter Bear has had remarkable crewmembers call her decks home, including Captain Michael Healy, First Lieutenant David Jarvis and Second Lieutenant Ellsworth Bertholf. Living up to the cutter’s legacy of “Serving […]

Christine Greiner

Guardian of the Week – Christine Greiner

Post written by Ademide Adedokun, Public Affairs Specialist for the Commandant of the Coast Guard This week, we are honoring the services of Mrs. Christine Greiner, Ombudsman for the Coast Guard Cutter Jarvis homeported in Honolulu, Hawaii. As Ombudsman, Greiner is […]

CGC Jarvis

CGC Jarvis returns from international patrol

Ensign Roger Nayden, CGC Jarvis Public Affairs Officer, contributed to this post  Aloha to the captain and crew of Coast Guard Cutter Jarvis! On Monday, the 378-foot cutter returned home to Honolulu, Hawaii, after a 5,000 mile, 105-day patrol supporting […]

CDR Matt Meilstrup

Guardian of the Week – CDR Matthew Meilstrup

“A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader, a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves.” – Eleanor Roosevelt Our Guardian of the Week is this year’s Captain David H. Jarvis Inspirational Leadership Award winner. […]

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