2014 Videos of the Year: Bristol Bay Buoys

2014 Videos of the Year: Bristol Bay Buoys

Ride along with Coast Guard Cutter Bristol Bay and get a first-hand look at life on the buoy deck in our ninth video nominee in this year’s top 10 competition!

dog rescue

Dog blog: how to avoid a ruff time on the ice

Last week, the crew of Coast Guard Cutter Bristol Bay rescued a dog that was stranded on the ice on Lake St. Clair. The crew named him Lucky and he has since been reunited with his owners. Following his rescue, he asked us to share some tips to keep his K-9 friends safe on the ice.

Buoy operations

The ice is coming! The ice is coming!

Like many places around the country, the cold season has arrived on the Great Lakes. Operational seasonality is an ongoing reality for all who call the region home, and Great Lakes crews are all preparing for the ice to come. Just as the summer months bring a busy schedule due to increased search and rescue and law enforcement cases, the winter brings a hectic schedule full of ice maintenance operations including search and rescue, ice-breaking and aids-to-navigation.


Got questions? This buoy tender sailor has answers.

We asked our Facebook fans if they could ask a buoy tender sailor anything, what would it be? And with more than 300 questions asked, it was clear you were all eager to hear more about the men and women […]

Several crewmembers of Coast Guard Cutter Bristol Bay pose with Bella the Great Dane, shortly before she is handed over to the St. Clair County Animal Society, March 17, 2011. She was returned to her owners in Sarnia, Ontario later that afternoon. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Lt. Adam Leggett.

Big dog in big trouble: Great Dane rescued from frozen Lake Huron

Written by Ens. Phil Constantino, Coast Guard Cutter Bristol Bay. Coast Guard men and women train tirelessly every day to be ready for any situation that could be handed to them. Sometimes they face intense trials. Other times, they deal […]

A guardian for all seasons

While last weekend may have marked the official beginning of Spring, the Coast Guard finds itself operating in a bevy of different weather conditions across the United States. Winter isn’t over on the St. Clair River Yesterday, the U.S. and […]