Preparing for the mission

The Coast Guard’s ability to complete missions across the globe is contingent upon capable platforms and, most importantly, Coast Guard members with the proper skills, knowledge, and experience. Prior to deployments, Coast Guard cutters and aircraft crews hone their proficiency through rigorous training programs and practice. Providing the most realistic and high fidelity training environment to practice shipboard helicopter operations, Coast Guard Cutter Venturous led a Deck Qualification Landing (DLQ) exercise, also known as a DLQ Roundup, off the coast of Miami.


Finely tuned efforts of teamwork and knowledge

Lt. Christopher Branning with Coast Guard Air Station Miami is an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter pilot. He and his crew soar through the skies day and night searching, patrolling and training in support of Coast Guard missions. When Branning isn’t training or performing life-saving operations, he competes professionally in sailboat racing around the world. The training he received to perform under pressure is something he utilizes in the air and on the water.

SN McLaughlin

Shipmate of the Week – SN Darren McLaughlin

“I was doing my job;” the words of Seaman Darren McLaughlin after he spotted four survivors clinging to debris in the water for more than a dozen hours. The rescue mission all started when the Coast Guard received report that a good Samaritan sailing vessel was on scene with a 50-foot fishing vessel which had become engulfed in flames and was partially submerged. The Coast Guard diverted multiple surface and air assets, including the Confidence, to the location to search for any survivors.

Seized cocaine

$24 million drug bust

What happens when the Coast Guard, Customs and Border Protection and Royal Netherlands Navy work together? A $24 million drug bust. The multi-agency seizure of 1,517 pounds of cocaine – estimated to have a wholesale value of more than $24 million – all began with a suspicious go-fast vessel.

Chief Petty Officer Karen Voorhees

First female rescue swimmer promoted to chief petty officer

Chief Petty Officer Karen Voorhees is the first woman to advance to chief petty officer in the rate of aviation survival technician since women were integrated into Coast Guard active duty service in 1973.