Sequoia offshore

The Black Pearl of the Pacific

As America wakes to start the day, Coast Guard Cutter Sequoia, a 225-foot buoy tender homeported in Apra Harbor, Guam, is already plowing through the seas of the Western Pacific Ocean. In keeping with the traditions of America’s Coast Guard, Sequoia sailed the Pacific performing aids to navigation, law enforcement and search and rescue missions. In addition to these missions however, Sequoia took on a few extra, including: collecting scientific data; assisting a village’s rebuilding efforts; teaching boating safety; and delivering humanitarian aid supplies to native Pacific Islanders.

Stranded survivors

15 rescued after stranded on a Pacific island

The Pacific Islands is a beautiful place to be out on the water. But when things go wrong, the vast ocean presents challenges to search and rescue resources. With limited means of communication across these small islands, mariners must have […]