Building bright futures in Boston

Coast Guard members offer a significant and positive impact on the lives of Boston youth by assisting students in building life-sized, seaworthy wooden rowboats as part of a boat building program supplementing a typical 5th grade curriculum.

Saving Grace: A Coast Guard family’s battle against AT/RT

At eight-months-old, Grace Skuches fights a battle against a rare brain tumor. With the support of the Coast Guard standing strong behind her, Grace’s family is ever hopeful and devoted in faith that they will get through this trying time.

Five things all parents should know about water safety

“Keep an eye on your kids! You wouldn’t let your kid run around unattended in a mall parking lot, and the waters at the beach can be just as dangerous.”


To discuss or not discuss: Helping children prepare for hazards

There are varying opinions to the age-old question, “How much information do you give your children about a possible or pending emergency situation.” Think about how you approach “heavy” topics with your children. Do you follow the philosophy that you should withhold information, so you don’t frighten a child until they are forced to face it, or do you share information with them, so they have some advance knowledge?

Smiles at homecoming

Celebrating the resiliency of the military child

As the Coast Guard and the other military services celebrate the resiliency of the military child during the month of April, we’re putting a spotlight on the Coast Guard’s 7-year partnership with national youth organization Boys & Girls Clubs of America. By helping military kids cope, adjust and progress through the most formative years of their lives, BGCA’s youth programs strive to make happiness and well-being a priority for military families.

CG-1705 Memorial Fund

The non-profit Coast Guard Foundation announced it is re-activating its emergency Family Disaster Relief Fund to solicit funds for the families of the seven lost crewmembers of CG-1705. Those interested in contributing to the family relief fund, or to a Fallen […]