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Paratus Report: May 2017, Episode 2

Here is the newest edition of the Paratus Report! This episode covers the Coast Guard’s participation in Fleet Week. It also commemorates the 97th anniversary of the creation of the Coast Guard chief petty officer.

Geotraces 2015: Chiefs of the Arctic realm

Geotraces 2015: Chiefs of the Arctic realm

On Sept. 6, three Coast Guard Cutter Healy crewmembers walked down the ship’s brow onto a large ice floe at the North Pole. Twenty-two of their shipmates followed. The Arctic wind was howling, bringing the temperature down to a biting negative seven degrees. In spite of the environment, these three stood proudly in their service dress bravos as their shipmates pinned anchors to their collars, bestowing upon them the title of indoctrinated chief petty officer.

Participation needed, Revisions coming to EPME requirements

“As the principal ones impacted by any change to the EPME system, polling our current enlisted workforce is an absolutely critical step in improving the process,” said Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard Steven Cantrell. “I look forward to seeing the results of the survey and the direction those results take us.”

Chief Petty Officer Karen Voorhees

First female rescue swimmer promoted to chief petty officer

Chief Petty Officer Karen Voorhees is the first woman to advance to chief petty officer in the rate of aviation survival technician since women were integrated into Coast Guard active duty service in 1973.

DCC Amerson

Shipmate of the Week – DCC Dennis Amerson

Written by Lt. j.g. Stephen Henderson, Yard Facilities management department. The Coast Guard Yard, founded in 1899, is the Coast Guard’s only shipyard and is responsible for construction, repairs and renovations of the Coast Guard’s surface fleet and aids to […]

Shipmate of the Week – BMC Keith Cupples

Written by Lt. Jon Bernhardt, seaward security officer, Commander Task Group 56.5. The Coast Guard’s chief petty officer charge says as a chief, “It is now required that you be the fount of wisdom, the ambassador of good will, the […]

Preserving a national treasure

At the heart of Old Town Key West, Fla., nestled alongside a pier at Truman Waterfront, is the Coast Guard Cutter Ingham Memorial Museum. Ingham is the only Coast Guard cutter in history to receive two Presidential Unit Citations for […]

What a mess…

After nearly 45 years of service to the nation, Coast Guard Cutter Dallas is being decommissioned. From performing naval gunfire support missions off Vietnam to being the command ship during the 1980 Mariel Boatlift, Dallas has truly seen it all. […]

Adm. Papp

Adm. Papp on the role of the chief

Chief petty officers are the front-line leaders of the Coast Guard. As influential and inspiring leaders, chiefs, senior chiefs and master chiefs form the bridge between officers and enlisted personnel as well as serving as officers-in-charge of vessels and small […]

AMTC Brevik

Shipmate of the Week – AMTC Troy Brevik

Situated on the western edge of Alaska’s Baranof Island is the seaside town of Sitka, home to Coast Guard Air Station Sitka. The men and women stationed here are responsible for executing missions in Southeast Alaska’s 12,000 miles of jagged […]

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