Got questions? This buoy tender sailor has answers.

We asked our Facebook fans if they could ask a buoy tender sailor anything, what would it be? And with more than 300 questions asked, it was clear you were all eager to hear more about the men and women […]

Kitchen preps

Ice-cold cooking: Inside a ship’s galley

While patrolling the Arctic Ocean, Juniper’s crew has a continuous, sometimes spontaneous workload. Around-the-clock bridge and engine-room watches and ship upkeep make time illusive, stringing together night and day. The constant activity keeps Juniper’s four cooks – called food service specialists – particularly busy. Feeding the 50 people aboard is an on-going cycle of planning, preparation, cooking, serving and cleaning.

Operation Fall Retrieve

The last of the fall buoy runs

For nine weeks, Coast Guard units across the Great Lakes have been working around the clock in the largest domestic aids to navigation recovery operation in the United States … and just in time! With the slow-moving snowstorm that brought […]

Buoy Tender olympics

Alaska’s battle aboard the black hulls

For Alaska’s Coast Guard buoy tenders participating in the buoy tender roundup, this past week has been one of intense training and exercises. But, along with the imperative training, there was camaraderie and fellowship. One such team building event, that […]

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Back in mid-July, the Compass posted about the 2009 Buoy Tender Roundup and the Buoy Tender Olympic games. The cutter teams competed in the olympics last week with CGC Oak from Charleston, South Carolina, taking first place. To see some […]

itCG-illegal charters beware, smuggler chase, 2009 Buoy Tender Roundup

Coast Guard rescued two people from a sinking boat off the coast of Jacksonville with the help of Good Sams yesterday early morning. The men radioed in a mayday distress call and were rescued uninjured the boat. Sea Tow is […]

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