President Barack Obama, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Coast Guard Commandant Admiral Bob Papp.

Coast Guard Day message from President Obama

For the past several years, the Coast Guard has shared it’s birthday with the Commander in Chief and President Barack Obama has taken some time from his own celebration to recognize our Service and send greetings to those who celebrate the anniversary of the Nation’s oldest continuous naval service.

Semper Paratus

Known as “Coast Guard Day,” August 4th is celebrated annually at U.S. Coast Guard units worldwide and also represents an opportunity to reflect upon our history and heritage of courageous service. One appropriate way to reflect upon the early history of the Coast Guard is to understand the references in the lyrics of our service song, Semper Paratus, which was written 90 years ago this year.

Newburyport crew

Happy Birthday, Coast Guard!

The Coast Guard is an extended family and the communities surrounding our units are part of this family. As we celebrate 222 years of service to the Nation this Saturday, we reached out to Newburyport, Mass., one of 14 official Coast Guard cities. Below Mayor Donna D. Holaday shares her thoughts on the Coast Guard and our rich history with her community.