TRICARE and You – Mental health care

Mental health issues are often difficult challenges for Coast Guard members and their families. There’s frequently a lack of knowledge about where and how to get help, concern about stigma, career implications and other social concerns. But help is available for members and families suffering from mental health problems. This article will provide you with some of the available resources.

TRICARE and You: Access to care in remote locations

As part of a Coast Guard family you can be stationed in a variety of remote locations around the United States. From isolated communities on the Great Lakes to smaller towns on the Gulf Coast, Coast Guard postings can take you to less populated areas. While these assignments can have their advantages; stunning scenery and friendly new neighbors, finding the medical care you need can sometimes be a challenge. This article will help you navigate accessing care in remote locations.

Legal assistance: Ensuring your important documents are prepared

Have you considered and, if applicable, accomplished the transfer of your Post 9-11 GI Bill entitlement to another eligible family member? Do you have a plan in place for the care of your minor children in the event you are deployed or unavailable for an extended period of time? Readiness is a constant duty for all of us. We relentlessly train, study and prepare for the challenges, real or envisioned, that we are likely to face in our chosen fields. Unfortunately, the same rigor is often not applied to our personal matters. Preparing to sail or fly into a hurricane is vastly different than preparing for that hurricane to hit your home. Ensure your family and property are prepared by getting your legal documents in order. Coast Guard legal assistance attorneys provide advice and counsel regarding personal legal issues to thousands of service members, dependents and retirees each year at no cost.

From the Homefront: Getting mental health assistance

While September is Suicide Prevention Month, reminders about how families can access mental health assistance are important all year around. Starting next month, Tricare will begin easing some of its restrictions on getting mental health and drug treatment coverage. Military kids and spouses may struggle with stress, depression, or suicidal thoughts. As military families, we take pride in our resilience and our strength in overcoming the challenges. But refusing help is not a sign of strength. When it comes to emotional pain and mental health care, take advantage of all of the resources available. Don’t let the mask of strength block access to help when you or your family needs it.

TRICARE and You – Tools

Do you ever wonder where to go when you need TRICARE assistance? TRICARE offers numerous tools that can help you navigate through the TRICARE system. These tools can assist with a variety of topics from claims, referrals, and beneficiary education. TRICARE has numerous podcasts, TV episodes, and news articles, which cover a vast amount of information. As a beneficiary, it’s important to know where to go for these helpful tools and resources. Read the full post to learn all about the different TRICARE tools.

TRICARE and You: Traveling for Medical Care

If you are traveling for required medical care you may be entitled to funding of travel expenses. Rules regarding medical travel, known as Prime Travel Benefit, can be complex and are governed by federal regulation, not Coast Guard rules. This article will help you navigate the process.

TRICARE and You: Travel

Whether you’re traveling across the county or across the country, TRICARE is there to help you with your unexpected medical needs while on vacation. This article will help ensure you get the most out of your benefit while traveling, to help yourself and your family.

TRICARE and You: Adoptions, stepchildren, and foster children

Have you recently adopted a child, will you soon have stepchildren as part of your family, do you want to be a foster parent? It is important to understand the benefits for these children so they can receive the appropriate care and coverage. This post outlines some of the questions and answers you may have regarding adoptions, stepchildren, and foster children.

TRICARE and You: Appeals and grievances

Are you unhappy with a benefit-related decision from your TRICARE contractor or Defense Health Agency? As a beneficiary, you have the right to appeal those decisions. The appeals process varies depending on whether the denial of benefits involves a medical necessity determination, factual determination, or provider authorization. Read the full post to get all of the answers.

TRICARE and You: Marriage

Getting married? First, congratulations! Second, read this post to learn all about TRICARE. It’s an exciting and busy time, and you will want to ensure your new spouse gets medical coverage as soon as possible!

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