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Shipmate of the Week – OSC Jenell Webster

As America’s lead federal agency for maritime safety, security and stewardship the Coast Guard is playing a central role as human activity increases north of the Arctic Circle. Expanding Arctic operations require the building of new relationships and strengthening existing partnerships in the area. Chief Petty Officer Jenell Webster seized the opportunity for personal growth while supporting Coast Guard efforts in the Arctic.

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Week in the life of the Coast Guard: Tuesday

From July 30 to August 5, Coast Guard men and women captured a week in the life of the Coast Guard to highlight the missions we perform on a daily basis. From a port security unit on a morning patrol off the coast of Kuwait to flight operations off the coast of Seattle, you’ll get a glimpse of just how much the Coast Guard does as we feature a day-by-day snapshot. Check out everything that happened on Tuesday!

Barrow is vital to Coast Guard’s future Arctic presence

This is the first in a series of blogs covering Adm. Bob Papp’s visit this week to Alaska. The City of Barrow, Alaska, is about as far north as a person can get on U.S. soil. Any further and you […]