Coast Guard Cutter Valiant

Ringing in 2015 with rhyme: Atlantic Area

On New Year’s Eve the midnight log entry at a Coast Guard unit takes on a life of its own and is traditionally written as a poem. The Compass reached out to those standing the watch to share the tradition of applying verse to the ship’s log as we all rung in 2015. Below, we share log entries from cutters stationed throughout the Coast Guard Atlantic Area. Enjoy!


Protecting the Florida manatee

America’s waterways and their ecosystems are vital to the country’s economy and health. The Coast Guard helps sustain our natural resources and protect the nation’s rich marine environment by working with local, state and federal partners. Recently, the Coast Guard formalized their partnership with U.S. Fish and Wildlife to reinforce efforts in safeguarding the Florida manatee.

Capt. William Csisar's promotion

A Coast Guard family legacy for more than 50 years

The Csisar family’s Coast Guard legacy began in 1958 when the cost of gas was just 24 cents a gallon. Now, with the price of gas much higher, the tradition continues; altogether, the family has seen their loved ones contribute more than 54 years to the Coast Guard.

War of 1812: Their legacy our heritage

Two hundred years ago, the United States, independent for less than 30 years, went to war with Great Britain to preserve its economy, its way of life and its independence. Beginning in 2012 and continuing through 2015, the U.S. Navy, […]

Your Coast Guard in 2011 – Atlantic Area

From the Rocky Mountains to the Arabian Gulf; Canada to the Caribbean Sea, the men and women of the Coast Guard’s Atlantic Area have served our nation well in 2011. The past year has been a challenging one with several crisis events, a new threat emerging in the Caribbean Sea and continued demands to serve the maritime community.