Paratus Report: June 2018, episode 2

The newest episode of the Paratus Report is out! The Coast Guard welcomed its new senior leaders and recognized the gold and silver Ancient Mariners.

Cmdr. Stephen Matadobra speaks at a U.S. Coast Guard ceremony. U.S. Coast Guard photo.

Coast Guard to honor the officer with the most sea time

Cmdr. Stephen Matadobra holds the distinction of being one of the Coast Guard’s first officers in the service to have earned the permanent cutterman status (earned in 1987), and he will soon hold the title of the Coast Guard’s 15th Gold Ancient Mariner in May. He has experienced the peaks and valleys of the Coast Guard organization and shares his lessons learned in leadership in this blog.


A voice for cuttermen

As Master Chief Petty Officer Lloyd Pierce prepared to pass down the station keeper’s hat and long glass of the Silver Ancient Mariner, his 30-plus year career passed into history. But the impact of his efforts to honor the profession of cuttermen remained. Pierce graduated from boot camp at Cape May, N.J. in March 26, 1982, and received the Silver Ancient Mariner designation nearly 30 years later on Aug. 19, 2011.