AMT1 Parker

Shipmate of the Week – AMT1 Ryan Parker

20,000 missions is a lot of hours in the sky. And those hours require a lot of maintenance. To ensure each helicopter is ready to take flight, there are few people more valuable to have around Elizabeth City than Petty Officer 1st Class Ryan Parker.

Keeping the Coast Guard airborne

Written by Petty Officer 3rd Class Cory Mendenhall, 11th Coast Guard District public affairs. In today’s world it has become quite normal to view jobs that require using your hands or getting them dirty as undesirable. There seems to be […]

AMT3 Dunn

Guardian of the Week – AMT3 Kelly Dunn

In air station hangars across the country, hidden below a C-130 aircraft servicing the break system, or high above the fuselage of a helicopter repairing rotor blades, you will find an aviation maintenance technician (AMT). AMTs, or flight mechanics, are […]