History: Arctic rescue changes face of Coast Guard operations

Co-authored by Ademide Adedokun. Thirty-one years ago today, the Coast Guard led one of the nation’s largest search and rescue cases when the 519 passengers and crew of the Dutch cruise liner Prinsendam were forced to abandon ship more than […]

Alaska Ranger: Lessons from Coast Guard’s most challenging rescue

Deadliest Sea author Kalee Thompson provides her thoughts on the recently released report of the Marine Board of Investigation into the sinking of the Alaska Ranger. All opinions expressed by Ms. Thompson are her own and posting her perspective in no way reflects the opinion of the United States Coast Guard.

Discovery Channel features the Coast Guard Wednesday

Tomorrow night at 9 p.m. local, the Discovery Channel will air “Mayday! Bering Sea,” a documentary featuring the rescue of 42 fishermen onboard the Alaska Ranger, a 189-foot fishing vessel that sunk about 800 miles west of Kodiak in the […]