‘Coast Guard Alaska’ premieres

Four hundred miles from the North Pole, ice began to break around a research camp, threatening the camp’s shelters. A Coast Guard aircrew from Kodiak, Alaska, launched to provide support for the camp and ensure the threat of breaking ice […]

Coast Guard prepares for red king crab season

Hundreds will head out on the open ocean starting noon this Saturday on the hunt for 24 pounds of succulent goodness – It’s red king crab season! Red king crabs are the largest commercially harvested crabs, and the state of Alaska’s […]

Al Roker

Coast Guard Alaska headed to the small screen

Earlier today, The Weather Channel and Al Roker Entertainment unveiled “Coast Guard Alaska,” a reality television series that will follow the men and women of Air Station Kodiak both on and off-duty to give the world an insider’s perspective on […]

CGC Bertholf

From the bridge of the Bertholf: Alaska patrol

As one of the Coast Guard’s newest assets, the national security cutters bring operational capabilities the fleet needs for mission success. Over the next few weeks, the wardroom of the service’s first NSC will share their unique perspective on how […]

JIATF-South deployment

Coast Guard aircrews honored for excellence

Although the birth of naval aviation is traced back to 1911, it wasn’t until almost 30 years later that one of the Coast Guard’s most powerful assets, the helicopter, became part of naval flight. In the spring of 1943, then […]

Eye in the sky

Week in the Life of the Coast Guard: Friday

Written by Chief Petty Officer CC Clayton, editor-in-chief, Coast Guard Magazine Ever wonder what the Coast Guard does in an average week during the winter months? Probably pretty slow, right? While a lot of people are digging themselves out from […]

Dolphin Helicopter

Alaska crews deploy to safeguard fishing fleet

As harsh winter weather causes Alaskans to pack up their boats until spring, the Alaskan crab and groundfish fleets brave fierce storms and icy temperatures in search of the big catch. As the fishing fleet gets underway, they can take […]

Alaska Ranger: Lessons from Coast Guard’s most challenging rescue

Deadliest Sea author Kalee Thompson provides her thoughts on the recently released report of the Marine Board of Investigation into the sinking of the Alaska Ranger. All opinions expressed by Ms. Thompson are her own and posting her perspective in no way reflects the opinion of the United States Coast Guard.

Santa receives a hug

Guardian of the Week – Coast Guard Santa and elves

Today, as young children the world over anticipate the arrival of Santa, children in Kodiak, Alaska look to the sky and the sea as they wait to catch a glimpse of Coast Guard Cutter Spar and an MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter […]

Two men, seven dogs rescued in Alaska

A search and rescue mission in a whiteout 10-miles outside of Seward, Alaska ended with two men and seven sled dogs safely hoisted onto a Coast Guard helicopter. “We’ve been able to fit at least 20 people in those helicopters. […]

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