Week in the life of the Coast Guard 2017 – Saturday and Sunday

Coast Guard members never stop working, not even on the weekends. The work and volunteer force includes more than 85,000 people, to include auxilarist, civilians, reservists and active duty members. Each person is a valuable member of the Coast Guard team to help ensure the security of our Nation’s people, assets and waterways. Check out what the Coast Guard does on the weekends to aid those in distress and to protect our shores!

Bravo Zulu: Miriam Lopez and John Sha

Each and every day, the Coast Guard’s core values of ‘Honor, Respect and Devotion to Duty’ are upheld by a myriad of civilian employees that work alongside uniformed members. Miriam Lopez and John Sha are two of those employees.

Smiles at homecoming

Celebrating the resiliency of the military child

As the Coast Guard and the other military services celebrate the resiliency of the military child during the month of April, we’re putting a spotlight on the Coast Guard’s 7-year partnership with national youth organization Boys & Girls Clubs of America. By helping military kids cope, adjust and progress through the most formative years of their lives, BGCA’s youth programs strive to make happiness and well-being a priority for military families.

Miriam Lopez

Shipmate of the Week – Miriam Lopez

The men and women who wear the Coast Guard uniform are often the subject of public admiration – and even the occasional Hollywood blockbuster, for putting their lives on the line to protect the homeland and save lives at sea. […]