Laser shining on aircraft

Green lasers halt Coast Guard air searches

The SAR alarm is sounded and a Coast Guard helicopter is launched. As the aircrew arrives on scene, ready to search for the boater who needs their help, a green light enters the cockpit. It’s a green laser being shined from land and its blinding beam forces the pilots to head back to base, unable to finish their search. This life-threatening incident is not a made-up story but something happening to Coast Guard aircrews along our nation’s coasts as they take flight to save lives.

Air Station Savannah and Air Facility Charleston

A moonlit search, a remarkable rescue

As a family of seven cast their lines 25 miles off the coast of Charleston, S.C., for a day of fishing over Labor Day weekend, their 38-foot Fountain boat began to flood with water. They called “mayday” on their VHF […]

Guardians rescue Marine pilots off South Carolina coast

Guardians rescued two Marine Corps pilots Wednesday evening when their fighter jet crashed 35-miles off the coast of South Carolina during a training exercise. Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, S.C., notified the Coast Guard that a Marine F/A-18D Hornet attached to Marine […]