Gleaming guardian of Chesapeake Bay

Lighthouses are built to endure the often brutal natural environments they are intended to mark, but over time take a beating from the elements. Maintaining these structures has in many instances become a shared responsibility.

Current preservation efforts at the New Cape Henry Lighthouse reflects the U.S. Coast Guard’s responsibility for maintaining the structure.

2014 Videos of the Year: Turtle Rescue

2014 Videos of the Year: Turtle Rescue

The Coast Guard rescues lives every day – but it’s not every day we save a 800-pound leatherback turtle! Watch the action in the eighth video in this year’s Video of the Year competition!

ME1 Mundy

Shipmate of the Week – ME1 Wesley Mundy

Routinely working 75-hour work weeks, 17 days straight? It’s a result of the mission, says Petty Officer 1st Class Wesley Mundy, a reservist assigned to the Special Missions Training Center deployment training detachment. What is this mission? Preparing hundreds of Coast Guard men and women for their upcoming deployments. Mundy’s commitment to the maritime law enforcement mission, training and the Coast Guard’s core values resulted in his selection for Reserve Enlisted Person of the Year and, as a result, he will be meritoriously advanced to chief petty officer in an upcoming ceremony.

Cutter Mako

Mako’s frozen journey home

When the crew of Coast Guard Cutter Mako left Baltimore en route to their homeport of Cape May, N.J., they knew the transit through the ice-covered C&D Canal would be challenging. However, they didn’t anticipate the normally seven-hour trip would take 30 hours to complete. Along the way, the crew’s bond strengthened when their training kicked in and they relied on each other’s expertise to get home.


A fireman’s fight

When a Coast Guardsman reports to his first unit, he is introduced to the unknown, to uncertainties and to a new way of life. For Fireman Chris Demaree, a positive attitude is the foundation on which he honed his proficiency in craft. According to his shipmates, that positive attitude remains his defining characteristic despite having been diagnosed with leukemia in May 2013.

Shipmate of the Week – Magnus Graham

The Coast Guard is working to create a culture where our entire workforce understands sexual assault is a crime and will tolerate nothing short of respect for their fellow shipmates. As shipmates, each and every person in the Coast Guard […]