Who cares for the sled dogs who drop out of the Iditarod?

Last week we received a comment on the Coast Guard Compass about the Iditarod and the treatment of the sled dogs involved in the epic 1,150 mile race across some of the toughest terrain in Alaska. Since then, in addition to keeping tabs on […]

Coast Guard sponsored musher on the move in Iditarod

Coast Guard sponsored musher Ken Anderson is making waves and shaking things up as the 2010 Iditarod nears the end. Click here to read an Anchorage Daily News update on the race and the strategy behind Ken’s surge which currently […]

Latest from the Iditarod

We’re pleased to announce that as of this posting Coast Guard sponsored musher Ken Anderson has moved into tenth place as he continues his epic journey across Alaska’s toughest terrain in the 2010 Iditarod. Here is the latest update from […]

Coast Guard sponsored musher on course in 2010 Iditarod

Coast Guard sponsored musher Ken Anderson is on course in the 2010 Iditarod – known as “the last great race on EARTH.” As of the writing of this blog post, Ken is in 49th place among the 71 teams of […]

itCG – Arctic awareness, Ingham becomes historic landmark, Guardians on the small screen, Christmas Tree Ship Mackinaw

[youtube bdnWiEFUh_0] As the Arctic becomes more accessible to shipping traffic, the Coast Guard will be presented with new scientific research opportunities as well as marine safety and homeland security challenges. Earlier this week, journalists were invited on the final […]