TRICARE and You: Changes to the Prime Travel Benefit Program

Written by Lt. Cmdr. Preston Hieb

Starting on April 1, 2018, there will be changes to the Prime Travel Benefit (PTB) program.

PTB reimburses your travel expenses when your primary care manager (PCM) refers you for medically necessary, non-emergency care; the specialty care provider is more than 100 miles one-way from your PCM’s office; and there is no other specialty care provider within 100 miles. To be eligible for PTB, beneficiaries must be either an active duty family member, a retired service member, or a family member of a retired service member.

The Coast Guard will no longer administer the PTB program after April 1. The program will transition to the Defense Health Agency (DHA), which currently manages the Department of Defense PTB program. Your entitlement will not be impacted by this change, however there will be revisions in the procedure for requesting reimbursement for medical appointment travel.

The new contact number for the DHA Tricare PTB is: 1-844-204-9351. All requests for travel scheduled after April 1, 2018 must be sent to

Coast Guard Beneficiary Counseling and Assistance Coordinators (BCAC) are available to answer your questions. The BCACs can be reached at 1-800-9HBA-HBA (800-942-2422).

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