Paratus Report: October 2017, Episode 1

The newest episode of the Coast Guard Paratus Report is now live! The Paratus Report is a workforce news program focused at keeping Coast Guard members informed of what’s happening throughout their Coast Guard. The episode will air twice a month on the official Coast Guard YouTube channel, and right here on Coast Guard All Hands.


Upcoming changes to the Enlisted Evaluation System

Some major changes are coming to the Enlisted Evaluation System. The changes, which will be available to view this month, features revised competencies and evaluation standards designed to more accurately evaluate and document performance.

The new system deploys in March 2018 and will be used for next year’s October Reserve servicewide exam and November active duty exam. Visit this link for more information.

Electronic Health Screening Tool for hurricane responders

Thousands of Coast Guard personnel were called to assist during the recent hurricanes, and some members may have been exposed to hazards that must be tracked by medical professionals. If you were involved in hurricane response, you must complete the Electronic Health Screening Tool as soon as possible upon return from deployment and forward the medical record copy to your health record custodian.

To learn more about how you can help Coast Guard members affected by the hurricanes, please visit this link.

Tuition Assistance cap

For those of you eager to hit the books, the maximum cap for tuition assistance will change this fiscal year to $2,250. The new limit now allows members to take up to nine credit hours from authorized colleges and universities annually. See your unit’s ESO to learn more or visit FORCECOM.

To view all the Paratus Report episodes, check out the YouTube playlist or the LiveStream channel. You can also view and download this episode on DVIDS.

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