Blended Retirement System: Continuation Pay facts

Written by Aimee Hart

For those eligible for the Blended Retirement System, you may have been waiting for the missing piece to your retirement choice puzzle, but the wait is over. As you may remember from the Opt-In training, BRS members have an optional mid-career bonus at the 12-year mark called continuation pay. Continuation Pay, as is implied in the name, means members can opt to stay in the service for more time in exchange for more compensation.

Some newer to the service may not have to think about this decision for a long time, but others may be making the decision as soon as next year, if they opt in to the BRS.
Per ALCOAST 278/17, senior leadership has set the continuation pay multiples for 2018 at:

1) 2.5 months of base pay for active duty officers and enlisted
2) 0.5 months of base pay for reserve officers and enlisted

This compensation would be provided to members in their twelfth year of service, but only after opting to serve an additional four years in their component. This current Continuation Pay multiple is determined by the individual uniformed services and can be reassessed by each service when deemed necessary by senior leadership.

Members will be notified of their eligibility by PPC well in advance of their 12-year mark in service. Members who did not choose to opt-in to BRS and stay in the Legacy retirement system are not eligible for continuation pay. Members must opt-in to BRS prior to their 12-year mark in order to be eligible for continuation pay.

Not sure what to input into all of the fields of the BRS Comparison Calculator? Take a BRS calculator course! The courses are hosted by Joint Knowledge Online and are component-specific. Go to J3OP-US1333A if you are Active Duty or J3OP-US1333R if you are a Reservist.

The implementation of the Blended Retirement System is a stated initiative under the Human Capital Strategy and thus is a high priority for the Commandant. All BRS-eligible members need to understand the impacts of their decision to opt-in to BRS or stay in the Legacy High-3 system. The earliest that members can opt-in through Direct Access is 01 January 2018. There is no “opt-out” process. Members who do not opt-in by 31 December 2018, will remain in the Legacy retirement system.

For more information on the Blended Retirement System, refer to our Coast Guard’s BRS website. This website has links to infographics, training websites (JKO), and all formal and informal CG communications regarding the BRS.


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