Coast Guard Cyber Program 101: The Coast Guard’s cyber operating forces

In this series, we will highlight what cyberspace is and the Coast Guard’s role in cyberspace, generating the service’s first cyberspace operating forces, and modernizing the Coast Guard’s information systems and networks.

Have you heard of the CG Cyber Protection Team (CPT)? As the Coast Guard’s first operating force for the cybersecurity domain, the CPT will defend the Coast Guard information networks by providing critical monitoring against adversarial threats and attacks. The CPT will also have authorities to protect maritime critical infrastructure by deploying cybersecurity support elements during incident response. This surge capability will reinforce readiness posture.

As we continue to implement the Coast Guard Cyber Strategy through the Coast Guard Cyber Program, we have discussed cyberspace being an operational domain, the Coast Guard’s role in cyberspace, and the Coast Guard’s Enterprise Mission Platform (EMP). In this episode of the CG Cyber Program 101 video series, we focus on the Coast Guard’s cyber operating forces. Check out Episode 4 of the CG Cyber Program 101 video series to learn more about the CPT:

Are you interested in joining these new operational elements? Stay tuned for Episode 5 which will include more information about upcoming opportunities for the workforce.

For more information on the Cyber Program, please visit the CG Cyber Program portal page at:

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