National Safe Boating Week 2017: Wear It!

The North American Safe Boating Campaign has kicked off yet again and in a not so surprising turn of events, the theme remains: Wear It!

When we say “wear it,” we are referring to a life jacket! There’s a reason why the theme hasn’t changed – because for the past several years, the trend has stayed the same. Eighty-five percent of those who drowned were not wearing life jackets.

Accidents on the water can happen much too quickly, without allowing any time to reach for and put on a stowed life jacket. Boating safety advocates recommend that all boaters and passengers not only have a life jacket, but wear it at all times while boating.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned sailor, a millionaire on your shiny new yacht or a paddle boater, life jackets were invented to save lives. Speaking of inventions, did you know the first life jacket was patented in 1765 by Dr. John Wilkinson? Lucky for us, those clunky cork life jackets have evolved to be more comfortable and fashionable.

Today, life jackets provide more mobility and flexibility with several different types of jackets available including inflatables, suspenders, belt packs and even life jackets for pets. They come in multiple sizes from toddler size to adult. There’s no excuse not to wear a life jacket. Do yourself and the people you care about a favor and Wear It!

The National Boating Safety Council puts out this infographic to advise boaters on wearing the proper life jacket and making sure it fits well. This is part of the Wear It! campaign.

To learn more about Coast Guard boating safety, visit the Coast Guard boating safety website. You can also download the Coast Guard mobile app for boating safety to help stay safe during all your water activities.

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