Ombudsman Appreciation Day

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The mission of the Coast Guard Ombudsman Program is to improve communication between the command and Coast Guard family members. Coast Guard ombudsmen are communication links, provide information and referral resources, and act as advocates for family members.

March 26 is Ombudsman Appreciation Day, and we have a message from each of the three Ombudsmen-at-Large: Fran DeNinno-Zukunft, spouse of Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Paul F. Zukunft; Janet Cantrell, spouse of Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard Steven W. Cantrell; and Valerie Johnson, spouse of Coast Guard Reserve Force Master Chief Eric L. Johnson.

Fran DeNinno Zukunft

“I can’t emphasize enough how ombudsmen are an integral part of the command cadre. They are there to provide resources for families and to help them navigate any challenges they may face – all so the members can better focus on their mission. Families don’t need to struggle alone. Ombudsmen are the service’s subject matter experts in ensuring our families remain ready just as our Coast Guard remains ready.”

– Fran DeNinno-Zukunft, Ombudsman-at-Large


 Janet Cantrell

“It is truly remarkable to know there are people out there who go above and beyond every day to ensure our families have the means to receive the information they need to be successful. This Ombudsman Appreciation Day, and every day, I have such a deep respect for everyone in the ombudsman network for stepping up and helping to create a seamless Coast Guard family. I thank you all for what you do, and I look forward to visiting with you as Steve and I travel throughout the Coast Guard.”

– Janet Cantrell, Ombudsman-at-Large


2015 Enlisted Persons of the Year Banquet 

“I’m so thankful for all of those who volunteer as ombudsmen. I’m truly amazed by their selfless dedication to ensure our Coast Guard families have a direct link to Coast Guard leadership. On this special day, please know that the work of the ombudsman is appreciated and needed now more than ever. Thanks to all of you!!”

– Valerie Johnson, Ombudsman-at-Large




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