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All Hands selects several ALCOAST messages to publish in a weekly post to help raise awareness about specific messages and useful information. * NOTE: the series does not contain all of the ALCOAST messages, just select ones. In order to view all Coast Guard messages, click here.


ALCOAST 352/16 – October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month.

  • On July 26, 2010, President Obama signed Executive Order 13548, directing Federal agencies to improve employment efforts for individuals with disabilities through increased recruitment, hiring and retention. The theme for this year’s observance of National Disability Employment Awareness Month is #InclusionWorks which closely aligns with the goals of the presidential directive. This month provides a special opportunity to learn about disability employment issues and what employers are doing to promote equity, fairness and equal opportunity for all in the workplace.


ALCOAST 357/16 – October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

  • The theme for this year is “Speak Up: Be Part of the Solution.” This observance offers the opportunity to raise awareness, highlight resources available to support both victims of domestic violence and families in need, renew efforts to build healthy relationships, and promote offender accountability.
  • Know the warning signs of domestic violence. If you witness or suspect domestic violence, speak up! You may help save a person’s life.
  • Family Advocacy Specialists at each of the Coast Guard’s Health, Safety, and Work-Life Regional Practices are available to assist.
  • The confidential CG SUPRT Program is available for assistance with related issues and other life challenges, including work-life balance, healthy living, fulfilling relationships, recovery, financial stability, mental health, and legal assistance. Phone is (1) 855-247-8778.
  • For the Coast Guard Chaplain, contact (1) 855-872-4242.
  • Additional information and resources are also available at the National Domestic Violence Hotline or (1) 800-799-7233.


ALCOAST 364/16 – Solicitation for the 2016 Captain Cardin and BM1 Cullen Maritime Security and Response Operations (MRSO) Excellence Awards nominations.

  • The MSRO Excellence Awards recognize a CG unit and individual that demonstrated outstanding contributions and achievements the PWCS mission, specifically in MSRO activities.
  • The Captain Godfrey L. Cardin MSRO Unit Excellence Award will be presented to one CG unit. In 1918, as Commander of the CG New York Division and New York Captain of the Port, CAPT Cardin led the largest single command in the CG consisting of 1,400 officers and crew, four United States Army Corps of Engineer tugs, and five harbor cutters. His pioneering efforts defined the CG port security mission.
  • The BM1 John C. Cullen MSRO Individual Excellence Award will recognize one officer, enlisted, or civilian member from across the fleet. BM1 Cullen received the Legion of Merit for discovering and reporting the first landing of Nazi saboteurs on the United States coast on 13 JUN 1942. His actions prevented the planned destruction of maritime critical infrastructure.


ALCOAST 366/16 – Solicitation for 2016 Sustainability, Energy, and Environmental Readiness (SEER) Award nominations.

  • Nominations are being accepted for the FY16 SEER Awards to recognize significant contributions in the areas of energy and environmental management by Coast Guard programs, individuals, and teams assigned to both afloat and ashore units.


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